Equine Sisterhood Live Gatherings and Events

Equine Sisterhood Live Gatherings and Events

“You and your horse. His strength and beauty. Your knowledge and patience and determination and understanding and love. That’s what fuses the two of you onto this marvelous partnership that makes you wonder… ‘What can heaven offer any better then what I have here on earth?’ ”

~ Monica Dickens

As women, we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves to be THERE for everyone, to be a hero to our family, our friends and our community but we often forget about ourselves. In sisterhood we remind each other to be a hero to ourselves; to love our bodies, keep our hearts and minds at peace and our spirits sacred. In the Equine Sisterhood we embrace, envelope and empower each other to shoot for the stars and chase our dreams or cans.

As Equine Sisters, we share our journey, create blessings and embrace our abundance while we express our gratitude towards God, the Universe, the Animal Kingdom, and Mother Earth for our horses and our prosperity. We light candles, meditate, dance, share our stories, and break bread together; we are sisters. Come join our family! We have a Facebook group called the Equine Sisterhood where I post our live event information and our online gatherings start soon! Stay tuned or subscribe to my newsletter for more information on when they’ll be available!

When we join in sisterhood we connect as women and form bonds that make us sisters.

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