Hello My Creative Guru,

Are you feeling lost when it comes to creativity? Feeling like you can’t get out of the box let alone think outside of it? Do you envy all those amazing songwriters, artists, sandcastle builders, athletes, writers, poets, home designers and all the people who seem to be creating beautiful ideas seemingly out of thin air? I can assure you, being creative isn’t always easy and even the best creators hit the brick wall on occasion. Have you been down on yourself, beating yourself up because of your seeming lack of ability to find inspiration? Let me share some insight.

Ask yourself, what are some ways these creative experts get out of their funk? How do they get their juices flowing and start creating? Well here’s a few ways that I’ve found have worked for me.

  1. Look at your situation and try to see it from someone else’s point of view. For example, you’re trying to put into words a situation that recently occurred. Maybe you had a painful divorce, loss of a loved one or met the love of a lifetime. You want to write a song or a poem about it and you’re at a loss. Try to look at the situation from another angle. How does the lover feel, how is the ex faring after your split, how does the family feel after losing a member of their family? Sometimes stepping back and taking yourself out of the equation can help the words, ideas and colors flow to you more effectively.
  2. Get into nature and just release everything. Allow all of your worries, cares, concerns and thoughts to float away. Focus on the beauty of the leaf on your path, the sand between your toes, the growth on the forest floor and the insects on their journey. Study nature. Really really look at it. The roots of the trees, the patterns of the bark, the way the ocean waves roll in. Sometimes the best inspiration is right in front of your eyes. You may just find the newest design for your company logo or the new shape of that dining table you’re designing.
  3. Use other people for inspiration and don’t feel bad about it. Inspiration comes from everywhere, even other people. Talk it out with your closest friend, work in a collaborative setting, peruse your competitors idea books and allow their ideas to take shape in your mind. Just because you have help doesn’t mean the end result is any less yours and if credit must be shared, just think of the extra people that will get their eyes on your creation.
  4. Reach out spiritually. Begin with meditation and find your zen zone allowing your mind to free itself and bring about new, more clarified thoughts. Use visualization to transcend this earth and find inspiration in the heavens or call upon the angels, Source, Jesus or another universal body for divine inspiration. However you believe and whoever you believe in, call out and ask for assistance. You may be surprised at how fast you receive it when you allow it to come to you.
  5. Finally, try to take your idea, creation, design or whatever it may be and deconstruct it. If you’re simply unsatisfied with what you’ve been coming up with, change it around. That may seem simple but it can often be very effective. Rearrange the chapters in your book, take apart your logo and put it back piece by piece, deconstruct your song or poem line by line and see if there may be a better word that evokes a stronger emotion. By breaking it down into smaller parts, you may find the missing piece or the part that doesn’t fit.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, try traveling, eating foreign foods, watching cultural films, reading history, watch animals play or just forgetting the whole idea for awhile. Set a deadline and if you don’t have inspiration by that date, either use your piece as it is or scrap it altogether. It’s not the end of the world, it’s the start of your new idea.

Oh, remember to treat yourself kindly too. The more you love and respect yourself, the more inspired you’ll be to love and respect others and that becomes reciprocated very quickly.

Have an inspired day!



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